Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"Everything is a color in our world."

 During breakfast one morning in late April Grace said the following:

"Everything is a color in our world."

Graces' words are ones that I think about every day and they have inspired me to slow down to admire all of the beautiful colors of nature that surround us, especially this time of year.

I took these pictures at our local Farmer's Market two weeks ago with Grace's words in mind.  It is also her words that have inspired us to start going on daily "color walks," as we so call them.  I will post pictures of one of our color walks soon.

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Mom, said...

We were there when Grace spoke these words!!

Poppy & I were speechless. All of the children are inspirations to us all the time in so many ways.

Rebecca, your photos are tremendous! I love the Farmer's Markets, too. Don't you fell saturated by the colors and of course, the food! I want to walk around with you and bask in all the delights. Let's do it when you and the children are here in July.

And, I have to say, that your color walks are about my most-favorite thing that you do. Ever since your very first one with Grace when she was just walking!
I truly believe that this activity of your's opened up my love of photography! Do-do-do post images of these walks .... now you have 3 little pairs of inquisitive eyes looking!

Love, Mom

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