Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Broadturn Farm Camp

Grace is attending camp this week at Broadturn Farm, which is an all organic farm located near our home.  We visit Broadturn Farm so frequently that it often feels like our second home.  We love it here!  Grace also attended camp here last year and loved every minute of it.

This morning Grace, Jack, Eve and I enjoyed biking to the farm together.  It was the sweetest way to start our day.  It has also been wonderful to begin our days this week surrounded by such a beautiful land, barns, animals and flowers.  Jack can't wait to attend camp here with Grace when he is four next summer (he also can't wait for a preschool program to begin at Broadturn Farm in September!) and Eve always loves her time exploring the farm and its trails.  This is a magical place for our family.

The picture above shows Grace, Jack and Eve on the first day of camp reading the names of the other children in Grace's group.  Grace absolutely LOVES her teacher, Zoe.  Every day Grace has come home from camp to say that Zoe is the best teacher she has ever had.  Grace has learned so much from her time at camp.  She has explored the woods, held a baby turkey in her skirt, picked strawberries, gathered eggs, made fairy houses, learned about forest ecology and made several projects.  More pictures of Broadturn to come later this week!  

 Here is the mission statement of Broadturn Farm camp:

"Our mission is to help children develop a knowledge, love and respect for locally produced food, the earth, organic farming and their local community. Children are taught the principles of animal welfare, farm and forest ecology through participation in the daily workings of the farm, investigation of the forest environments, creative play and exploration. We want to share the gifts of open spaces with the next generation of farmers and consumers, who will be charged with the preservation of farms like this."

"With an eye towards the unique needs of very young children, we structure the program to includelots of imagination, hands on learning and play activities. Little ones love coming to camp; feeding pigs, visiting the cows, collecting eggs, handling chicks and ducklings, munching veggies and strawberries in the garden, learning simple recipes, exploring the woods, building fairy houses, singing songs, listening to stories, playing games, making art, and of course… learning how to use an outhouse!"

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Maddy, said...

I love Broadturn Farm Camp so much!

How wonderful it is to have it right down the road from your home. And to think you are all biking there to leave Grace off and pick her up! Love that, too!

Your photos of Broadturn are beautiful, Rebecca. All of the kiddos will attend camp there for many years to come and I will not be one bit surprised if they are all counselors there one day!

So happy for Grace and for the biking for Jack and Eve.

Love, Maddy

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