Thursday, June 28, 2012

Catching Frogs!

In the very back of our yard we have an area that we call the "frog pond."  This is a shallow wet area which is filled with lots of green frogs!  Several weeks ago Grace, Jack and Eve were delighted by this discovery.  Since then Bob has built wooden walkways/pathways through the area (little bridges) so the children can walk through this wet area.  They have spent hours and hours with their nets in hand patiently searching for and catching the green frogs that live there -- it is actually quite challenging to catch one!  Grace, Jack and Eve love to examine the frogs after they are caught and watch them jump back into the water upon their release.  The discovery of our frog pond has led to us to study about the life cycle of a frog in detail.  We are also studying the difference between frogs and toads!

You can see Grace's excitement...she caught one!

Jack also loves to catch small bugs and insects in this area.  

Can you spot the frog in this picture?  Part of the challenge is finding the frogs! 


Frog catching has become one of Eve's favorite outdoor activities and one of her favorite words is now is "net."  I am amazed by Eve's balance and how easily she walks across the narrow wooden boards.

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Mom, said...

Oh goodness! You can imagine how huge my smile is right about now! Love this! And, love the outfits for frog catching!!

The boardwalk is perfect for walking to the frog pond. How wonderful that the children experience nature in all it's forms even the slippery things!

I will be waiting to hear/learn all about frogs and their life cycle from the children. I'm not exactly certain I know all the differences between a frog and a toad!

Those catchers are just adorable in every possible way,

PS----A very huge 'happy 10th anniversary' engagement day to you and Bob. 10 years later and 3 children, oh my!!

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?