Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Color Walk

Every year around this time we go on daily "color walks."  First, we paint the inside of empty egg cartons the colors of the rainbow.  We take our colored cartons outside with us on long walks or hikes to try to find items in nature that match the colors of those painted inside of our egg cartons.  It is a very simple activity but it is one that has brought about so many thoughtful and insightful conversations!  Grace, Jack and Eve have learned so much through the years about flowers, leaves, rocks, grass, fruits, trees, weather and the seasons from this activity.  I especially love how these colored egg cartons go everywhere with us  -- from our hikes in the woods to trips to the beach and even into the city of Portland!  Below are a few pictures from a color walk that we did around our yard last week.  By the way, we are always searching high and low for blue -- we always enjoy looking at the blue sky and the blue ocean water but it is hard to find tangible items to put inside of our blue compartment!


Maddy, said...

There it is!!

Grace, Jack, and Eve doing the color walk!! I LOVE this so much. And, boy, oh boy, do I ever LOVE those beautiful children. They are so colorful in every possible way.

Amazing photos, Rebecca!

Love, Maddy

Anonymous said...

This has to be one of my favorite activities that you do with the children. I enjoyed watching Grace's search, trying to complete her treasure carton, then Grace and Jack, and now Grace, Jack, and Eve - the trio. Each time they do it, it seems like their first. Happy exploring and discovery!


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