Monday, June 18, 2012

Biking the Eastern Trail on Father's Day

We spent every moment outside yesterday to celebrate Father's Day (I just love this time of year!).  Part of our morning was spent biking the Eastern Trail.  A portion of this trail crosses through the Scarborough Marsh, which we are so fortunate to live very near!  The marsh is filled with so much wildlife and is full of such beautiful views of Maine's largest saltwater marsh.  Grace and Jack took turns riding a bike along the trail and they both shared some time with Eve in a bike carrier that Daddy pulled behind his bike!

Grace riding next to Daddy with Eve and Jack in the bike carrier

Eve loves going on bike rides! 

Jack riding along the the trail 

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Mom, said...

Loving Bob!!!!! ☺

I cannot believe that you live so nearby this incredible path. We speak often how wonderful it is for Eve, Jack, and Grace to have this experience. I love saltwater marshes. The "things" to see are endless! We will be eager to hear the stories as the children grow!

Love, Mom

ps--we find it all so sweet, and so cute, and so interesting that the children look so much alike and in those bike helmets it's difficult to determine who is who!!

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?