Sunday, December 4, 2011

Our Thanksgiving Day

Here are a few pictures from our Thanksgiving Day. While we were waiting for Maddy and Poppy to arrive that morning we went for a walk outside to deliver our handmade turkey hand print cards to several of our neighbors. It was such a bright, sunny and beautiful day outside.

Once we returned home from our walk Grace, Jack and Eve waited in our dining room for Maddy and Poppy to arrive! Eve entertained us all by playing peek-a-boo with our tablecloth while Grace and Jack watched for Maddy and Poppy's blue car to drive down our driveway. This picture was taken the exact moment when Jack spotted Maddy and Poppy's car. You can see Grace waving to them from her chair!

This year Grace and Jack set our Thanksgiving table all by themselves! Here is one one of their place settings. Grace and Jack worked so hard that morning cutting out confetti to decorate everyone's plate. Grace wrote all of our names on circles of red, orange and yellow.

Here are the girls enjoying some girl time together after our Thanksgiving meal -- Maddy, Grace and Eve. Oh, how I love these three beautiful girls!

Eve was all smiles on her very first Thanksgiving! Eve loved all of the special time she spent with her Maddy and Poppy.

Every time Maddy and Poppy visit Jack runs to play the guitar they gave to him last year. Jack always puts on quite the show for us!

Our Thanksgiving day ended outside with a lantern walk using the lantern that was handmade by our Grace. Thank you to Maddy and Poppy for all of the beautiful Thanksgiving memories.

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Maddy to her Grands!, said...

I love Thanksgiving--it's my most favorite holiday of all. And, we love spending it with you!

What a special day, meal, and visit. Just look how delicious those Grandchildren are! It makes me look at them twice[more!] in these photos because Grace, Jack, and Eve are really growing up. Grace is now five, and Jack will be three in just 10 more days, and then in early January Baby Eve will be one! You can see how big they are getting. And, (if possible) I love them more each day! What a ride it is to watch them grow.

I Love You My Little Pumpkin Pies,

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?