Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Before the Nutcracker Performance...

The day of the Nutcracker had finally arrived! The picture above is of Grace holding Daddy's hand on the way to the theater for her debut performance in the Nutcracker.

We were all very excited to have Memere, Pepere, Maddy, Poppy, Auntie Allison and cousins Rose and Kimberlee come to see Grace perform. As soon as Grace and Jack saw their cousins they immediately all joined hands.

Sadly, I did not get our sweet baby Eve in any of these pictures since I was carrying her. Eve was so excited to be at her first Nutcracker performance. Eve kept smiling, kicking her feet and raising her hands above her head all while squealing loudly to express just how excited she was! In fact, Eve was SO EXCITED while watching the Nutcracker that she had to leave the theater several times for expressing her excitement a little too loudly! :)

And then there is our Jack-a-roo, who is always surrounded by so many girls!!!! I must admit that I agree with cousin Kimberlee here -- our Jack is so darn cute that I could just squeeze him right up too! :)

Grace, Rose & Kimberlee enjoyed sitting together inside of the theater just before the performance began. These girls are so cute together.

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Maddy, said...

What a spectacular afternoon it was at the Nutcracker. It was so wonderful to see all five cousins together. That Jack, he really does attract the girls...he's like a celebrity! Oh boy, think of what may come! And, all he wants to do is just play with his trucks!

Eve was so sweet expressing her enthusiasm during the performance. She always has lots to say! That baby girl certainly can bring up her voice to quite a just know she will be a talker like Jack and Grace. You just don't have quiet children, Bob & Rebecca, that's all!

Love to all,

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?