Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Washing Board

Grace and Jack woke up one morning last week and asked to wash all of their lovies -- their Ellas, Monkeys and Lavenders. They used Eve's infant bathtub to soak their lovies. They had a great time using a washing board and a bar of soap to wash them. This brought about a big discussion about what life was like before electricity!

Grace worked so hard to wash all of the lovies. We hung them outside to dry to further demonstrate the complete process of washing without the use of electricity.

Jack had fun dipping that tiny spike in his hair right into the tub too!


Anonymous said...

Ah... very nice to have the little friends sparkling clean. It is a small pleasure, but I just love the smell of clean clothes fresh from the wash. It puts you in a good frame of mind. Spring cleaning!

Love, Uncle Adam

Maddy, said...

I love everything about this post. What a great idea. I love the way that you can turn such a simple plan into a learning idea, Rebecca. What a spectacular Mommy you are.
I do indeed see Grace's 'very soft', very loved Ella in the batch. I can't even imagine how many baths Ella has taken since she and Grace were babies.
Jack is so cute and no-one is the least surprised that he had to do something extra funny.

Love, Maddy

Anonymous said...

What a cute pile of laundry!

They are industrious workers, undeterred by the amount, loving every bubble and soaking. They are precious!


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