Sunday, April 17, 2011

After the rain...

After being inside most of the day because of a rainstorm one day this week we were delighted to see the clouds part and the sunshine return in the afternoon. We went outside to go for a walk with one goal in mind -- to find the biggest rain/mud puddle we could to jump in and play. We accomplished our goal and it resulted in so many laughs that we will be doing this again (and again!) after all of our rainstorms. My thought is that childhood is meant to be fun and messy...and luckily children are washable!


Mom to Rebecca, said...

Dearest Rebecca, this only makes you an EVEN better Mama [though, I didn't think it possible].

Jack and Grace will never forget times such as this. Someday they will be telling all their friends, at school, in college, at their careers, during dinner parties, with their partners, to their own children and Grands, that they had a Mama that let them play in mud puddles and dirt. It is yet another step in shaping them to become the very best people that they can be.

Thank you for allowing this and thank you for sharing this. My Maddy heart just grew to another size.

I Love the Mommy that you are, my Rebecca,

Anonymous said...

I just love how much pure joy is captured in this photograph. Very life affirming to splash that mud puddle.

Love, Uncle Adam

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?