Sunday, April 3, 2011

March...Out Like A Lamb!

The end of March did in fact go out like a lamb, however, it did not last long. Grace, Jack and Eve started making their lambs on the last day of March. They added the finishing touches to their lambs on Friday (April 1) in the middle of a Nor'easter that brought us 10+ inches of snow. Oh my. We hung the lambs on our door to gently remind Mother Nature that winter is indeed over! To make the lambs, Grace, Jack and Eve glued cotton balls onto paper plates. They later added legs, tails and googly eyes. Grace wrote her name and Jack & Eve's name to put onto the lambs.

This picture of Eve was taken on April 1 as Grace and Jack were finishing their lambs. We decided to pretend that the cotton balls were snowballs rather than wool from a sheep because of the heavy snow that was falling outside during the completion of this project!

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Aunt Melinda said...

Okay, when I looked at this picture of Eve, I thought she looked just like your Mom....has anyone told you that before? She looks so happy.
Love you,
Aunt Melinda

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