Saturday, April 16, 2011

Making Fabric Paper

Earlier this week Grace and Jack made fabric paper. First, they chose a piece of fabric and placed it on top of a large piece of plastic wrap. Next, they mixed together 1 part of white glue with 1.5 parts of water. Grace and Jack used this mixture to paint a thick layer of glue onto their fabric pieces. To make the fabric paper they cut up small pieces of scrapbook paper, construction paper and ribbon and placed these pieces randomly onto their fabric. Finally, Grace and Jack placed a sheet of white tissue paper on top. They painted a final layer of glue on top of the tissue paper. It took nearly 48 hours for the glue to completely dry and once it did they peeled off the plastic wrap and cut off the extra tissue paper. The end result was beautiful fabric paper to write or draw on!

This activity was a very big hit! Grace and Jack asked to make fabric paper every day this week.
Sweet baby Eve had a great time playing with a piece of the tissue paper while Grace and Jack made their fabric paper. Eve was fascinated by the crinkly sound the paper made whenever she touched it!

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Maddy and Poppy, said...

First of all, Poppy is [almost] jumping up and down with excitement as he noticed Jack using his left hand to paint know how much he wishes for another left-handed person in our family.

What an idea, Rebecca. As a lover of fabric, this project almost has to be one of favorites. I love it so.

Grace is so amazing~just seeing her is missing her more than ever.

Jack is looking so grown up~we miss his smiles and his humor and his hugs.

Eve is so beautiful~she is growing so quickly. We see a bit of everyone in her face. And, those eyelashes, they are inches long.

Our hearts are aching to see and hold and watch and play and talk with these 3 incredible Grands of ours.
More love than ever,
M & P

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