Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Birthday Boy!

Grace, Jack, Eve and I had the best time getting ready for Bob's birthday, which was on Wednesday. The child crafting went undercover in preparation for Daddy's big day. Bob's cards, pictures, wrapping paper, gifts and birthday crowns were kept top secret until Wednesday! In this picture of Bob he is wearing one of the many crowns our children made for him. Happy Birthday, Bob -- you are the absolute best husband, father and person. We love you so much.

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Maddy + Poppy, said...

We loved reading about keeping things 'top secret' for Daddy's Birthday. We can fell all the excitement and happiness all the way here.

Bob is truly the best in every way. He is a wonderful husband and a loving Daddy. We are so thankful that we have Bob in our lives.

We Love You, Bob
Walter + Mary Ann

ps...Bob, you give the best hugs and tell the best stories!

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