Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mailing Plastic Easter Eggs!

Grace & Jack love to fill plastic Easter eggs with little treasures. As they were doing this last week I thought about the fun of discovering eggs during an Easter egg hunt and I thought it would be fun to discover one or two in a mailbox. Since we will be in Massachusetts with Bob's family for Easter we thought we would surprise our family in Vermont with some of Grace, Jack and Eve's Easter eggs as a special way to share a little Easter cheer with them too! Instead of putting the eggs in a box or an envelope we sealed up the eggs with stickers and hoped that our post office would mail the eggs as they were! In the pictures above Jack is filling one of the eggs with tiny treasures and Grace is sealing up an egg with stickers.

Eve held the eggs securely in her car seat all the way to the post office! During the ride there we all were talking about and guessing whether we could mail the plastic eggs... worked!!!!

The postal worker was quite surprised to see Grace, Jack and Eve come in with plastic Easter eggs to mail. We waited anxiously to see whether it could be done and we were all SO EXCITED when he said yes! We hope our family in Vermont enjoyed this Easter surprise in their mailbox! We had the best time with this project and it is something that will be doing every Easter. :)

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Happy Easter, said...

OH, YES, the eggs have arrived! Three came on Friday and one in yesterday's mail. Our postwoman, Jill (remember her from last Summer's mail truck tour) delivered them to us.

You should have seen Poppy carrying them down our walk as carefully as could be. We were so excited to place them down and open them. And out popped the most fun surprises...pompoms, beads, and love notes.
Thank you, thank you for such incredible delights. The footprint duck prints are as sweet and wonderful as can be, too. We have them hanging on our magnetic wire. They glow with happiness.

Happy Easter. Have a fun filled day with Memere and Pepere {Happy Birthday, Pepere!}, Auntie Allison, Uncle Steve, Cousins Rose & Kimberlee and everyone else.

We Love You,
Maddy & Poppy

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