Monday, March 28, 2011

Salt Paintings

Grace and Jack chose dark construction paper and painted designs on their paper with glue. Next, they sprinkled salt onto their glue designs and shook off the excess. Grace and Jack then filled their paint brushes with watercolor paint and gently touched the salt with their brushes. They magically watched the color 'run' along their salt pathways! It was also fun to watch two primary colors run together to make a secondary color along the pathways.

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Donna said...

What fun! I love the way they are both so focused. What wonderful experiences these lucky children have had... I admire your creativity and energy in providing enriching, varied, multi-modal and just plain fun activites for your little "sponges", how I wish all children could have a home and family like the Little Legers...
Hats of to you, Rebecca and Bob

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?