Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Day at Higgins Beach in February

We were very fortunate to have a warm day in February. It felt as though spring was in the air that day so we headed to the beach. Our February day at Higgins was such a treasure and it was one of those very special days with my children that I will always remember.


so in~love!, said...

Higgins Beach in February--yeah, for all of you!

I don't even know who to begin with first. Okay, I'll start with Baby Eve, her very first outing to the beach! She is so comfy in her seat as she hears the sounds of being at the ocean. It's only the beginning of her adventures at the beach as she is going to love growing up just a few miles from the ocean. Now, Jack, oh my, that boy of ours....he couldn't be cuter if it were even possible! We cannot stop looking at Roo and we cannot help but know that he is going to be such a heartbreaker. I just love the sparkle in those eyes...and that smile!Last [but never~ever least) our Gracie Girl, she is our Amazing Grace over and over again and again! Grace sets where ever she is on fire. I learn from her all the time to just be in the moment. I've never seen anything like Grace's enthusiasm.

I am sending oodles of the best love I have to our Three-Grands. I am so in~love with them it almost hurts!!

Donna said...

Dear Rebecca,
What fun! There are not many Moms that would venture out to the beach in February (or for that matter - June, July or August!) with three young children...
It is great to see your family enjoying the beach that is so special to their parents and Grandparents...
Sending love to you all from Vermont,
Donna xoxo

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?