Friday, March 11, 2011


Jack really enjoyed making his March "in like a lion" face. Jack especially enjoyed using his scissors to cut small pieces of orange yarn for the lions mane. Jack sat in our art room as still as a mouse while cutting strand after strand of the yarn. Jack has such amazing fine motor skills and he has mastered the motor coordination required to use scissors.

Jack worked very hard to glue the tiny pieces of yarn onto his painted paper plate to make the lions mane.

Just like Jack, Grace has always enjoyed projects that require cutting so this was a fun project for her too!

On this day, Jack had finished his lion while Grace was at preschool. On our ride home from picking up Grace, Jack talked all about his lion so Grace couldn't wait to get home to finish hers!

Grace and Jack were so sweet to work with Eve to help her make a lion. I love the above picture of Eve. Eve always lights up with a big smile when she sees her big brother and sister.

March certainly came in like a lion in Maine and we are so hoping that it leaves like a lamb. We are all very ready for spring!

P.S. I am so happy to be back to blogging! :)


Rebecca Leger said...

Good morning, Dad. I'm sure you have already noticed that Jack is holding the scissors with his left hand. Your dream of having a left handed grandchild may be coming true after all! Jack also uses his left hand to eat and draw (but he still switches hamds with those tasks). Time will tell!!! I love you. Rebecca

so glad you are back!, said...

We are so happy that you are back with stories and pictures of our beautiful Grands!

They grew up even more since you last posted. Dad is elated~~but I'll let him address the left-handedness [you know how he is about that dream!].

Jack Rabbit is so cute. Grace is so pretty. Eve is beautiful. I just have to be with those children!

My little bit of really-really-really good news is that I spoke with Uncle Adam last night and he is on vacation this week AND we are planning a road trip to come for a visit this week!!! What do you think of that?! Cross your fingers (real tight) for an uneventful week ahead, good driving conditions, and NO snow storms. Uncle Adam is so excited about seeing his nieces and nephew, his sister, and Bob! Me, too! There's going be lots of hugging, kissing, laughing, holding, and talking going on, for sure!

Have a delicious weekend. Post more pictures when you can.
Love to all five of you over and over,
Maddy/Mom/Mary Ann

Left leaning Poppy said...

Hi Buddy...Wow, is it possible you could be a lefty? However you turn out it will be right for you. Did you know your Aunt Donna is also a lefty? get prettier every day. I am so glad you enjoy school. And, our little Eve...there will be no stopping you.

Maddy & I are amazed to be blessed with such a family.

Don't hide your inner moonlight.

Love, Poppy

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?