Saturday, March 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

We celebrated Dr. Seuss's birthday last week and participated in Read Across America Day by reading one of Dr. Seuss's greatest works -- The Cat in the Hat.

Maddy made Grace, Jack and baby Eve these AMAZING Dr. Seuss outfits to honor this day. Thank you so much Maddy for making Grace, Jack and Eve feel so special. You really made our Dr. Seuss day! I wish you could have been here to see Grace and Jack's faces light up with very big smiles when they saw the pictures on their shirts in their books. Our baby Eve was as cute as can be in her outfit too. She loved listening to Grace read The Cat in the Hat to hear Jack laugh and laugh when Thing 1 & Thing 2 came out of the box. We all love the felted green eggs that you made too. As always, thank you so much for all that you do for your grands! We love you.


just so-in-love with them, said...

Oh, goodness how cute Eve, Jack, and Grace look!

~ adoring the seriousness of Grace's reading
~ adoring the sweetness of Baby Eve
~ adoring the playfulness of Jack

I love♥ the photos, Rebecca. I am so so thrilled to see our family of three again. They are such beautiful children it makes me full of the happiest tears to see them. Now, if it all works out as I think it should, I can see and hold each of these babies of ours for my very own! Can't wait.
Love, Maddy

The Ousdahls said...

Adorable, Adorable outfits!!! Looks like you all had a fabulous day celebrating Dr. Seuss!!

So glad you are all feeling better and that your computer/uploading photos is back up and running again!



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