Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Painting Paper Mache Robins' Eggs

Grace and Jack painted their paper mache robins' eggs that they made last week. Grace mixed together white and blue paint until she created the perfect robin's egg blue color.
Jack-a-roo thought it was very funny to paint himself blue too. He is such a silly boy!!!
Grace and Jack made this yarn nest and they were both very excited to place their finished robins' eggs inside their nest. Grace placed the nest and eggs on a small tree branch.

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bird love, said...

I love these nests and the eggs!
What an amazing project. I cannot wait to see them.
I LOVE all the funny things that Jack does. He is one little boy to keep us all laughing! Grace has such a pure~artist heart!
Missing my Grandchildren So.
Love to my little birdies, Maddy

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