Sunday, April 11, 2010

Learning From Nature

We enjoyed a beautiful day at the lake beach near our home last week. Grace and Jack loved playing in a rocky stream that runs into the lake. They spent lots of time gathering nature treasures and tossing them into the stream to see what would happen. They watched their acorn tops, leaves, sticks, pine needles, feathers and grass float downstream into the lake and laughed as their sand and rocks made a big splash and sunk to the bottom of the stream. This was the perfect setting to explore the physics of buoyancy. The highlight of Jack and Grace's trip was sitting in this canoe. Grace imagined that she was a captain and told me that she was, "Sailing to Timbuktu in my canoe!" Jack was all for Grace's big idea and he kept looking at me while saying, "Go, go!"

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere. ~Chinese Proverb

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what a nurturing environment, said...

Dear Rebecca,
Your top two photos look like oil paintings. So thought~provoking. I find myself wondering and imagining just what Grace and Jack are thinking. I love the Chinese Proverb about learning.
But by far, my favorite thing about this post is "sailing to Timbuktu in my canoe" and the little one saying "go, go". Oh, how I love these children. They are treasures.
Thank you for sharing this, Rebecca. You are the Queen of Grace's and Jack's Childworld!
Love, Mom

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