Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Gracie girl amazes me with her love and knowledge of geography. She can locate nearly all fifty states on a map of the United States and she knows many of the state capitals as well. Grace loves to look at maps and she has recently been enjoying studying our large Atlas of the World book.

In the picture above Grace enjoyed looking at a map of Europe and locating European countries.

And Florida, of course!
(only 17 more days)


Aunt Melinda said...

Happy birthday Rececca.....Hope you have a wonderful birthday today. Enjoy.
Love you,
Aunt Melinda

Anonymous said...

Hi Gracie Girl:
Don't you just love looking at maps? I can spend hours looking at maps. I have lots of maps to give you when I see next see you. Also, a compass. With a map & compass, you'll never get lost.
Love, Poppy

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