Friday, April 2, 2010

Grace's Easter Grass

It has been an incredible experience for Jack & Grace to watch the process of how grass grows. Grace planted wheat grass seeds (also known as cat grass) inside broken egg shells last Tuesday. Grace has been carefully watering the seeds every morning since then. She has also been placing them outside on sunny days. All of Grace's hard work has definitely paid off. The grass has grown so tall and just in time for Easter. Our cat, Petey, has clearly been enjoying the cat grass too. This project was a great learning experience and a special treat for our entire family! Grace & Jack are looking forward to planting flower seeds next.

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Willie and Lilly and Maddy, said...

Your cat grass grew to be the purr-fect treat for Petey.
Willie and Lilly loved the ones that you grew for them, too! I had to be careful because Willie wasn't sharing with Lilly as nicely as he should! But you know how that Willie is always working on being kind!

I loved this project, Grace. You took such good care of the plants. From cracking the eggs, to filling them with soil, putting in the seeds and watering them every morning.

All the cats thank you so much for their purr-fect treat! I can't wait to hear all about the experiences you have with the sunflowers!
Love, Maddy, Willie-Cat and Lilly-Pye!

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