Thursday, April 22, 2010

Celebrating Earth Day -- Making Seed Sprout Necklaces

Grace made seed sprout necklaces in honor of Earth Day today. Grace gently wrapped three bean seeds in damp paper towels. She placed the wrapped seeds inside small plastic bags, punched a small hole with a hole puncher and added yarn. Grace made these necklaces last year and they sprouted inside of the bags within a few days. Grace and Jack both loved wearing their seed sprout necklaces today.
Here is Jack outside today wearing his seed necklace that Grace made for him. Jack loves being outside and he always finds great joy in searching for rocks, finding long sticks to use to draw in the dirt, locating new buds on tree branches, listening to the birds, and picking flowers.

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love to my little sprouts!, said...

I loved these necklaces last year and I love them even more this year! I have never~ever seen two children so taken with everything outdoors. Jack and Grace have Earth Day everyday. They make our earth and world so much brighter.
Love, Maddy

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