Friday, April 23, 2010

Celebrating Earth Day: Painting The Earth

Grace's Earth

Jack's Earth

I love how Grace and Jack's Earth paintings turned out. We talked about how the Earth is made up of land and water. Grace showed Jack how green represents land on a map and globe and how blue represents water. Grace and Jack then painted the Earth onto paper plates. They first painted water using blue paint and then sprinkled on blue glitter (Grace's favorite part!). Once the blue paint dried they painted on green land around the water.

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life is good, said...

Oh, I want to live in a land full of that bright green and sprinkles! Wait--I do -- Grace and Jack make each and every day sparkly!!

Rebecca, how wonderful to set such incredible examples and lessons for your children. Our world is all ready a better place because of them. I can only IMAGINE what are future will bring.

May your skies always be brilliant blue and your days full of nurturing traditions that spread roots.
Love, Maddy

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