Sunday, July 5, 2009

Way Up!

We went to Bath, Maine yesterday and today to attend Bath Heritage Days. We talked to Grace and Jack all about the festival before we arrived. Grace was excited to hear that there would be a merry-go-round there -- just like the merry-go-round in one of her books. When we arrived yesterday the merry-go-round was quickly forgotten once Grace took one look at the large Ferris wheel. Grace quickly pointed at the Ferris Wheel and asked if she could ride "that" instead. We told Grace that she could ride the Ferris Wheel after we ate our lunch. Sadly, soon after we were done eating yesterday dark gray clouds filled the sky and a very large thunderstorm moved in quickly. So, Grace was unable to ride the Ferris wheel. Grace talked about the Ferris Wheel the rest of the day. We surprised Grace this morning by telling her that we would be going back to Bath again today. Once we arrived and it was actually time for the big Ferris Wheel ride Bob & I were nervous for Grace to ride on such a large and very high ride. I rode with Grace and I couldn't believe her reaction -- she loved every second of it. Grace wanted to stand the entire time and wasn't the least bit afraid of being up so high. We even stopped at the top for awhile and Grace couldn't have been happier with this! Grace later told me that she loved everything about the Ferris Wheel but she just wished it would have gone a lot faster and a lot higher! What a brave girl!!


wow, so high, said...

What a sweet story, one that your family will be talking about every 4th of July. I love these kind of memories!
I would not have been sure how Grace would have reacted to the big Ferris Wheel...but knowing Grace, I am not surprised at all that she took in every moment and every little thing about it!
She is a "ride" girl for sure now. I am imagining that Grace will be talking about the Ferris Wheel all summer. You might just need to find another one somewhere in Maine!
I So Love the Genuine Love of Life that Grace Has, Maddy

Anonymous said...

Grace, you are terrific. and so brave. You try new adventures with a wonderful openess to whatever comes your way. Joi de vivre! Loving life!

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