Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Big Puff Of Clouds!

We have been waiting so long for a warm summer day so that Grace could have fun outside with "cloud paint" (shaving cream). Grace had the best time making "clouds" all over our deck. By the time Grace was finished with her clouds she was covered in shaving cream from head to toe! Grace has always loved this cloud activity and how I always love watching her! Grace is so creative and her creativity shines through during activities where she is free to explore and create - the sky's the limit!


just the very way it should be!, said...

Grace (Lady Grace!) is just like an angel that lives on a puffy white cloud!

I think that Grace's free-play time is one of the most important things that you offer her. Grace will be my age(!) and still talking about how wonderful, creative and free her childhood was. This is just the way it should be for all children. How lucky for Jack & Grace to have parents that recognize it's importance.

Oh, to be a child in the middle of a Maine summer and totally full-of-the-love-of-life! I want this to be the way it is for my Grandchildren for as long as possible. Thank You, Rebecca and Bob for this gift that you give to them (and me!)!

I am LOVING each and every moment that I see Grace & Jack so full of Love and Freedom,

Anonymous said...

Well, Maddy has said it all, and very eloquently. I'm going to say ditto! Thank you, Maddy.

Grace, seeing you so playful and gleeful, you make us want to jump right in and join you. Fun, fun, fun.

Love all of you, from the top of your soapy head to the bubbles at your feet,

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?