Monday, July 6, 2009

A Rainbow of Color

We are so happy that the rain has finally gone away! We painted this egg carton many weeks ago for a colorful outside activity, however, it has been raining & raining & raining over the past few weeks. Because of all that rain the egg carton has been resting on a shelf untouched -- just waiting for a bright sunny day. Grace, Jack, and I are all so very happy to see the sun shining today and now we can finally get outside with our painted egg carton. Stay tuned for our colorful activity!

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wondering, said...

Uummm, I just love it when you keep us guessing!
I, too, am so happy for all of you that the rain has stopped.
I am sure that Jack and Grace are loving being outdoors. And, Rebecca, I know how much you love it!
Very Happy for You, Maddy

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