Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hand Print American Flags

Grace & Jack made these sweet little hand print American flags to celebrate the Fourth of July on Saturday! Once the paint dried Grace added shiny silver stars. Grace and I talked about why there are fifty stars and thirteen stripes on the American flag. I talked with Jack about the different colors and how the paint felt on his hands. Grace, Jack, and I have more Fourth of July projects planned for tomorrow and Friday...stay tuned!


Melissa said...

I LOVE this project...we might have to do it this week =)

Much Love,


love the flags, said...

Just so sweet!!

Tell Jack & Grace that Poppy's favorite holiday is the 4th of July!
Love, Maddy

Anonymous said...

Grace, I love your flag and Jack's too. Adding the silver stars makes a shiny difference. Happy Fourth of July!
Love you, love you,

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