Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Summer Reading Program

Grace and Jack are participating in our library's Summer Reading Program. The theme of the program is "Be Creative At Your Library." Throughout the month of July and August there are several fun and artistic programs planned at our library. Grace and Jack each have a paper on a bulletin board with their name on it and for every book we read together they get a sticker on their sheet. Grace loves going to the library each week to put stickers on their sheets. Grace and Jack have two full sheets of stickers and need a third. We love books and our favorite time spent together is reading books!


Anonymous said...

Teaching them about the library is so important, especially at this young age. They already recognize that this is a fun and learning place. We are very impressed that they are already on their third sheet of stickers. Go, Jack and Grace!

Love you sooooo much,
Memere and Pepere

book love, said...

Oh, Rebecca, this brought back the memory of the Summer that you read way over 100 books. spent the entire Summer reading!? We had a long sheet of paper on which you wrote down every book and it's author. We had to tape another paper to the bottom every week!

I am so thrilled that your family's favorite activity together is enjoying books. I can hardly wait until Jack & Grace are a bit older and you read Chapter Books aloud together. I have some planned for your Summer Week in Middlebury! Real classics and some cliff-hangers (just to give Grace another topic for conversation!!)

There is nothing like books. I Love seeing all those stickers!
Sending you up all of my very best book Love, Maddy

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