Monday, July 6, 2009

Feeding The Birds

Food for hummingbirds


Anonymous said...

I just love watching birds flock to the bird feeders. Grace and Jack are doing a good service to the local bird community. I hope they both get an opportunity to see a hummingbird. Tell them that they flap their wings 55 times per second and fly around at 25 MPH! Happy watching.
Love, Uncle Adam

bird watching, said...

I love the birds, too, just like Uncle Adam!
I have sooo many bird stories from the past few weeks to share with Jack and Grace. Some are so nice and sweet and some have lots do do with a certain squirrel!

I want to hear all the bird stories from your home. We'll make my Birdseed Cookies next week to hang from trees. Among a few ingredients you add 2 eggs, shells and all!

I hope that you see lots of different birds and a tiny hummingbird. *Warning::watch out for the squirrels!* But, Grace and Jack would have a great time seeing them hanging upside down to get a tasty treat!
Love, Maddy

Anonymous said...

Your yard must be abuzz with bird activity. You take such good care of them, all year long.

Grace, you pour so well! Carefully and precisely.

And look at you, Jack, sitting up so strong.

I hope that one hummingbird tells another hummingbird and then that one tells another hummingbird, and over and over again, so you have lots of beautiful visitors.

Love you so much,

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?