Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our Colorful World

We went on a scavenger hunt this morning to find items in nature that match the ones we painted in our egg carton. This was one of our all time favorite activities. I think the entire neighborhood heard Grace squeal with delight each time she found flowers, rocks, blades of grass, pine needles, raspberries, strawberries, acorn tops, and berries that matched the colors in our egg carton. Jack also giggled loudly each time a new color item was found and placed inside our egg carton. What a perfect way for Jack to learn about colors. Our favorite color find today was a ladybug!!! After much thought we decided to place the ladybug in the red color compartment. If you look closely in the picture above you can see that the ladybug had other ideas and she decided to climb into the light green color compartment instead! We all looked high and low for orange and blue color items but we were unable to locate any. These colors will be a fun challenge for us on our next "color walk." We will be going on a "color walk" each day because we had so much fun with this activity. It will be so interesting to see how the items on our "color walk" change as the seasons change.
The most effective kind of education is that a child should play amongst the lovely things. ~ Plato


Maddy, said...

I Love this idea! I Love the quote! I Love the looks on the faces of Grace & Jack!

Oh, do share all the things you find as the months go by. What fun for us to see, too. My mind IS imagining exactly how Grace was during this! I can hear her from Middlebury, Vermont! Perfect!! Jack is certainly learning all about his neighborhood from Grace.

Lucky Baby Brother...Lucky Big Sister! Lucky Mommy...Lucky Daddy! Lucky Memere, Pepere, Auntie Alison, Uncle Steve, Cousins Rose & Kimberlee, Maddy, Poppy, Uncle Adam, and all the cats, Willie, Lilly, and Good P!!

Much Love to All of the Above!!

Anonymous said...

I love that photo of the egg carton so much! It is now my screen saver on my computer.
Love, Uncle Adam

Anonymous said...

Plato would be happy and I am thrilled to see and to hear about the excitement that you had on your color walk. That was quite the challenge to find matching nature items for each color. What observational skills! What intent and cute faces!!!
Kisses, kisses, and hugs,

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