Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Happy Beach Baby!


I Love Our Happy Beach Baby Jack!, said...

Jack (Prince Charming!) is waaay toooo cute for words in his beach outfit! Can you eat a Happy Beach Baby Boy right up?!?!

I could just kiss & hug Jack to pieces! I am so glad that the weather is hot enough for Jack to enjoy all that the Lake Beach in your very own neighborhood has to offer.

Jack is so cute, cute, cute and how I Love Him SO Very, Very Much,

The Ousdahls said...

Every time I see Jack's picture, he gets Cuter and Cuter!!! How is that possible?

Much Love,


Bob & Rebecca Leger said...

Oh my goodness.

How very blessed we are to have such a handsome special boy and how fortunate I am to have such a wonderful wife that brings out all of our children's gifts.

Proud daddy and husband

Anonymous said...

"Happy as a clam" Sand, another natural element that Jack is right at home with. Even though he looks quite relaxed, he's busy, busy - posing, teething and reading. All done with the greatest of ease.
Jack, I hope that you get quite a few more sunny days this summer so you can enjoy the beach in your own backyard.


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