Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Open/Close Activity Bag

Grace enjoyed working with her open/close activity bag this morning. Maddy made lots of these activity bags for Grace ~ each one has their own specific theme or purpose. Grace really loves her open/close activity bag, which is full of different containers that Grace can open and close. Grace especially enjoys the smaller, more challenging containers and she works very hard to make sure that she is able to open and close them all! For a fun touch this morning, I put small jingle bells inside each container to give Grace a surprise as she opened them.

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still missing our grace! said...

Oh my goodness, Grace, I am so happy that you are enjoying the activity bags that I made for you. I will have a few more when we come up next week. When I think that you are only a week away from being 20 months and love learning and trying new things so much, I find myself full of pride and joy. I LOVE the way you just crave the LOVE of learning. You find everything new that is introduced to you so easy-peasy. I miss "Graceland" in our home.
Big, Big Hugs & Kisses to All of You,
I Love You Cherry Pie,
Maddy XO

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