Friday, July 11, 2008

days with grace :: 1

Grace and Rebecca are in Middlebury. It is a joy to have them here. We have been preparing for their visit for weeks now (it's Mary Ann--the guest blogger). We are having butterfly week. It is about all things...butterfly.

Grace is reading the book "Good Night Maine" with her Poppy while holding the butterfly wand that I made her. Stay tuned for a week of fantastic pictures, crafts, stories, clothes and all things BUTTERFLY!We are thrilled beyond happy to have our two girls here but we are so missing Bob. Bob, have a fun day tomorrow representing the Credit Union at the Scarborough 350th Anniversary Celebration. We'll be thinking of you.

Tomorrow also begins a week long festival in Middlebury called Festival On the Green. There is a huge Peasants Market tomorrow and then a week long music festival with children's shows at noon called the lunch-bag-special. We'll be attending these events and having lunch "on the green."


Anonymous said...

"all things butterfly" now doesn't that sound like great fun!

oh how i wish i could see you guys on the "greens". at 9:00 a.m., today, i am heading to visit with my niece,her fam. and friends for a 10 days.

have an amazing week in middlebury visiting your wonderful maddy and poppy.

love, elsie

p.s. sweet grace your visit will be an experience you will never forget....i just know it ;-)

Anonymous said...

Dear Grace,
I knew it had to be "Butterfly Week" in Vermont. I just spied a beautiful butterfly on my butterfly bush! Have a wonderful time with your Maddy and Poppy. I can feel their glow here in Brandon...
Hugs, Donna

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