Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Nineteen Months Old!

Grace and I celebrated her special day today by going to swimming lessons this morning and spending most of the afternoon at the park. We enjoyed a picnic lunch while watching the ducks, geese, and the beautiful water fountain on the large pond. After lunch we fed the ducks and gathered natural materials (flowers, sticks, rocks, grass, leaves) and put them in the water to see if they would sink or float. It was a glorious day for us both.The biggest change we have noticed with Grace over the past month has been another explosion of her language skills. The majority of Grace's utterances are now 4-6 words in length. She is now speaking in simple sentences. Some examples from the past few days include: "Daddy take a shower," "Go grocery store Good P food eat (Good P is our cat!)," "Gracie girl paint flower pot," "Maddy put ladybug sticker [on] book" "Go animal park Friday [with] Daddy." Grace is always talking about everything she sees and does. Grace also has started reciting nursery rhymes and songs. She recites "Rain, Rain Go Away" and can say the words to lots of songs including all the words to the song that I sing to her each night before she goes to bed (Tender Shepard from Peter Pan). We are SO proud of Grace. I can't possibly express enough how wonderful it is to hear Grace talk and express her thoughts. She is such a joy and is our sweetie pie!


Delaware M's said...

Dear Grace,

You are such a sweet and smart little girl. I bet Mommy and Daddy just melt inside when they hear you sing your bedtime song and others as well.

Love from Delaware,

Matt, Melissa, Michaela, and Madelin

maddy & poppy said...

We really do not know where nineteen months went. Grace, is the sunshine of our lives. We love to hear her say, "Maddy, Poppy"! What a week we will have when you visit. We will talk and sing the entire time! The theme is BUTTERFLIES! We are bursting with joy and love for you, Grace.
We Love You, Raspberry Pie.

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?