Monday, July 7, 2008

Ice Necklaces!

Last night I made several ice necklaces for Grace to wear today knowing that it was going to be hot & humid. I froze ice cubes overnight and put a long string through each cube. This morning the ice necklaces were ready to go. I hid a secret surprise in each ice cube for Grace - edible flowers and fruit slices so that Grace could not only wear her necklace but eat them too! Grace really enjoyed wearing her ice necklaces and it is such a fun way to keep cool on a hot summer day. We'll definitely be making & wearing lots more ice necklaces this summer!


Anonymous said...

rebecca, i love the ice necklace idea!!!!! ingenious! i just may make one for myself. however, in my case i shall place choc. (yum) in the center;-)

sweet grace you look absolutely adorable and pretty as a picture.

love, elsie

so hot in vermont~maddy said...

What a refreshingly, personalized and uniquely perfect idea, Rebecca!
You really DO need to write a little book for mothers of toddlers. You can call it "Toddler Ideas Under $5.00"......sure to be on the Best-Sellers-List! You are supreme.
Grace, I will make you some ice-necklaces when you visit. I do not like the hot weather at all so maybe I'll make mine out of big chunks of ice :) !!!
You look as compelling as can be in your "all girl" top. I can hardly wait to kiss and hug you over and over.
Your (getting everything ready for you) Maddy XO

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