Saturday, July 12, 2008

days with grace :: 2 (part 2)

This afternoon we made a butterfly finger puppet. Grace put dots on the butterfly. Grace loves stickers and dots so I knew that she would have fun with this craft.
This is Grace doing the "butterfly dance" with her finger puppet and of course, with her Ella.
A day with Grace would never be complete without reading some books. Grace is enjoying the book "Caterpillar to Butterfly" by Sally Symes. Grace loves the plush caterpillar that is attached to a string that chomps its way through the pages of this colorful story that ends with a beautiful butterfly. See you tomorrow~Maddy

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Anonymous said...

What a great time you all are having together. I am sooo happy that you guys have this time. Thanks for the daily pictures of all your fun. You guys are such a sweet and loving family.

Give our Love to all,

The Ousdahls

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