Sunday, July 20, 2008

Grace's Live Butterfly Garden!

Maddy sent away for a fascinating habitat and discovery kit for Grace so that she could learn all about the incredible journey that a caterpillar takes to become a beautiful butterfly. The kit came in the mail last weekend with a small container that contained five tiny caterpillars (seen below). Maddy, Poppy, Grace, and I all enjoyed watching the caterpillars grow each day as they quadrupled in size in just five days! By the end of the week the caterpillars had climbed to the top of the cup and were hanging down head first ~ and within one day they had all formed their own chrysalid. If you look closely in the picture below you can see the chrysalids hanging. Grace and I carefully transported the delicate chrysalides back to Maine. Tonight, Daddy removed the chrysalids from the cup and placed them inside of the butterfly garden habitat (seen above). We then hung the butterfly habitat from our dining room ceiling fan and we will be anxiously waiting for the butterflies to emerge. This should take about one week and we can't wait. This has been a truly amazing learning opportunity for Grace and we can't thank Maddy enough!
Below is the butterfly habitat hanging from our fan. The butterflies that will emerge are called the Painted Lady. We will be sure to share their arrival with everyone!

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"still fluttering high" maddy said...

I cannot wait to hear all about the "Painted Ladies". Now, isn't that just the perfect name for Grace's butterflies! It was incredible to watch the caterpillars grow and change---just like our Grace. I feel like I am now a bit different, too after spending such a spectacular week with Grace. The memories are enchanting. I hope that we created the tradition of a week at Maddy and Poppy's home every summer. Days full of magical moments....
Love, Maddy

PS~Our house is toooo quiet. Rebecca, I am missing you very, very much also. It was lovely to spend a week with my beautiful daughter. You are the best Mommy and I am so proud of you. Sometimes, I still cannot believe that you are having another baby. Most of the time, I think of you as still a little girl yourself! How interesting time is. Thank you very much for coming, I hope that Bob can join us for a little time next summer. I missed him.

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