Friday, January 3, 2014

Snowball Surprise Soap!

We had a fun time making snowball surprise soap this morning.  Since we could not go outside to play in the snow due to wind chill warnings, we brought the snow fun inside.  

To make snowball soap Grace, Jack and Eve first shredded several bars of white soap using a grater.  The soap shavings ended up looking just like real snow.

Here is Grace grating her soap.  Notice all of the snow outside that we received from this storm!

 Jack working hard to grate several bars of white soap.

 Eve grating her soap.  :)

 After all of the bars of soap were grated Grace, Jack and Eve collected small treasures, which were later used to hide in the center of their snowball soaps.  They all ended up choosing animals for each other.  Jack chose and hid a small hippopotamus inside of a soap that he made for Eve, Grace hid a dinosaur inside of the soap she made for Jack and Eve hid a dolphin inside of the soap she made for Grace.

After the small animal treasures were chosen Grace, Jack and Eve wet their hands in a bowl of warm water.  They then pressed the white soap shavings around their chosen treasure.  As the soap shavings were pressed together, they firmly squeezed the shavings into a snowball shape.

 Here is Grace making a surprise dinosaur soap for Jack.

Grace, Jack and Eve ended up making several snowball soaps for each other.  Here are just three of their finished "snowballs" with the small animals hidden in the center of each one.

Grace, Jack and Eve had the best time using their soaps during their bath and shower time tonight.  The were each trying to guess what was hidden inside their soap.  It will take several baths/showers before they discover their hidden treasures!

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Anonymous said...

What an industrious group! You could have your own home cottage business. Child attractive, child safe products, and unique - great combination.

This was also another great activity to promote thoughtfulness and attention to each other. I'm sure that they gave a lot of thought to which little object they would hide in the soap. Now, they will be eager to take a bath and to lather up, and will be so excited to see each other's reaction when they uncover the treasure inside the snowball.

Rebecca, you are so clever and loving!


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