Thursday, January 2, 2014

Celebrating the End of 2013 at the Children's Museum Pajama Party!

For the past several years we have celebrated our New Year's Eve day at the Children's Museum of Maine.  Every year the museum hosts a New Year's at Noon Pajama Party that is full of special activities and events.  The children all wore their pajamas and counted down to 2014 at noontime in the Museum's gallery, where at the stroke of noon hundreds of balloons dropped down on us!  I took this picture of Grace, Jack and Eve shortly after they caught their balloons.  They enjoyed sitting together watching all of the other children. 

Here is Jack looking up at all of the balloons, just a few minutes before the big drop at noontime!

Here is the beginning of the noontime New Year's Eve balloon drop!

Grace holding a pink balloon that she caught.

Grace and Eve with their balloons! 

Before the balloon drop, we spent a few hours playing at the museum and exploring all of the exhibits.  Jack and Eve had fun playing together in the Cascade Stream.


Grace climbing the Mt. "Kid-Ta-Din" climbing wall.

Jack climbing high!

Grace loved learning all about turtles and touching a turtle shell.

 Eve had fun in the grocery store part of the museum.  Here she is weighing some fruits and vegetables while holding some eggs.

Jack with a big basket full of food...he is a growing boy, after all!  :)

Gracie working the cash register!

 Grace and Eve had a great time exploring the museum's new light color wall.

 The girls ended up turning the light room into a dance party room!

Jack learning about trees and lumbering.

 Grace using the museum's ATM machine!

Jack looking at the shadows on the wall created by the museums marine life touch tank.

Grace and Jack on stage acting out a play. 

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Mom, said...

What a way to begin a brand spanking New Year!!

Loving those pajamas and the balloons and the dancing and the excitment and the learning and the sweetest expressions on the faces of Eve, Jack, and Grace!

Wishing all beautiful things to happen to your family!
Love, Mom

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