Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Chinese New Year Celebration

Jack and his classmates at his preschool have been learning about Asia.  For the past several weeks the children have focused their studies on China and have learned about how children in China celebrate the Chinese New Year!  The class invited their families to a Chinese New Year Celebration at school yesterday.  The children were asked to wear red and we were treated to several songs.  The class also made dragon puppets, learned many Chinese words and phrases and told us the history of the Chinese New Year.   

Jack and his dragon puppet! 

Here is Jack's class singing a song about the Chinese New Year.

After the first part of the celebration was finished, the children invited their families into the next room for some food they had prepared.  Jack was such a little gentleman and graciously served us!  Jack's teacher told us how hard the children had worked to wash, peel and prepare all of the vegetables and rice.

After the big feast Jack and Eve worked together to make a goldfish kite.  Jack told us that goldfish are considered very fortunate in China, especially at the New Year and signify abundance.

Jack gave Eve the goldfish kite to run with outside at school.  Since then they have had a great time running together with the kite as it twirls behind them.

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