Friday, January 31, 2014

Colorful Valentine Heart Crayons

For the past several years we have made heart crayons for our friends and families as Valentine's Day gifts.  To make these crayons Jack and Eve first chose different colored crayons and soaked them in a bowl of warm water for several minutes.  This helped to loosen the wrappers.  Jack and Eve then worked very hard to remove the wrappers from all of these crayons.  After all the wrappers were removed they broke the crayons into smaller pieces.  The crayon pieces were then placed into silicone heart cup molds.  We put the crayon filled hearts molds into the oven on 270 degrees for about ten minutes (or until all of the wax melted together).  Once cooled and hardened we removed the crayons from the molds.  The result is a one of a kind colorful heart crayon!

Eve worked so hard to remove all of the wrappers from her crayons.  Eve's tiny fingers got a great fine motor workout with this activity!

Jack also worked very hard to remove the wrappers.

Here are some of the crayon pieces in the silicone heart molds just before we put this batch into the oven.

Jack and Eve stood together in front of the oven watching the wax melt.

Here are just a few of the heart crayons that we made.  Jack and Eve can't wait to share these with our friends and family on Valentine's Day.  Grace is also very excited to make some for her teachers and classmates at school too!

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