Thursday, January 2, 2014

Snow Day

I saw a lot of this three little ones standing at a window watching the snow fall outside.  Grace had her first snow day today, which extended her vacation one more day!  We just received the news that another snow day is issued for tomorrow since this storm is going to continue overnight and into tomorrow.  We usually don't let a snow storm stop us from getting outside (we even ventured out during last year's record setting blizzard) but with temperatures well below zero and wind chill warnings in effect we opted to spend a cozy day inside and watch the storm from the warmth of our home.


Brrrrr Poppy said...

Ahhhh...snow days!

It is supposed to be about 15 below zero tomorrow night here in Vermont. I imagine Maine will be about the same.

There's an old expression about weather in Vermont...If you can't take the winter, you don't deserve the summer.

Enjoy your wood stove, have a hot chocolate, and stay warm.


Anonymous said...

Wise decision. When you step outside, you can immediately feel the arctic air.

I wonder if you met with a little resistance from the two older ones. They are such hardy creatures, they probably thought that they would be fine. Luckily, you have a lot of windows from which they could check the storm while making the rounds of the rooms. New England weather makes for entertaining observation.

Looking forward to the "warm up", however brief it may be.


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