Sunday, January 12, 2014

Getting Out!

It was so nice to see the sun shining today after what seems like a very loooooong stretch of snow, freezing rain or below zero temperatures.  We took full advantage of the warmer weather today (doesn't 30 degrees feel fabulous now?!!) and put on some snowshoes to enjoy a beautiful hike in the woods along a snowmobile trail path near our home.



Poppy and the Maddy said...

What a great way to spend a sunny (finally!) afternoon! I really enjoy watching our daughter, son-in-law, Grace, Jack, and Eve out in the great Maine outdoors.

Anonymous said...

Calendar-worthy photos! Idyllic,
vibrant, peaceful, yet energizing.
I so enjoy following you along these enchanting trails (from the comfort of my couch). I love, love, love seeing you, and all that you do, all your adventures.


Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?