Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Eve has always loved buttercups.  It has become a late spring tradition of Eve's to paint a picture of the buttercups.  Here are some photos I took of Eve last week while she picked vases of buttercups for all of us to enjoy.  Later that day Eve also painted a picture.  I'll post pictures of Eve painting tomorrow.

Here is Eve painting her first buttercup painting with her feet back in June of 2011.  She was five months old.  You can click HERE to see the full post.  :)


Anonymous said...

Love this activity! How thoughtful and loving of Eve to want to share her bounty of buttercups with her family, sharing more of her sunny personality.


Mom, said...

Eve is a buttercup, herself!!!
I so remember Evey laying there painting with her little feet and toes--and look at her now, out picking flowers and arranging them in a vase!

She is just adorable! Thank you, Rebecca, for sharing a little memory!

Love, Mom

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