Thursday, June 27, 2013


It was Sunday evening after we had just put Eve to bed when we first heard the soft rumblings of thunder in the distance.  We knew that a large thunderstorm was fast approaching.  Grace and Jack asked if they could sit on our front step to watch the storm.  "Yes...of course," Bob and I said.  We opened up our front door and all sat together to watch the first big thunderstorm of summer roll in.  The storm came quickly and soon dropped the temperature nearly fifteen degrees in just a few minutes time.  We gladly welcomed the cooler air, especially after having a day of very hot and humid ninety degree weather.  Grace ran upstairs to get a blanket, which she brought down to wrap around herself and Jack.  Grace and Jack sat wrapped up in that blanket while watching the storm together for nearly two hours!   Oh, how I love, love, loved sitting with Grace and Jack and watching the storm while listening to their many sweet conversations.  Grace and Jack enjoyed calculating how far away the storm was from our house by watching the lightening and listening for the thunder to follow.  Other times they talked about the storm clouds and said how the clouds looked as though they were "dancing" in the sky.  The conversation would frequently turn to discuss the herd of cows huddled closely together under a tree in the field adjacent to our house.  Grace was very concerned about their safety throughout the thunderstorm.  Grace asked me if she could visit the farmers house that next day.  Grace told me she that wanted to get the farmer's permission to build a large tent so that the cows would have a safe shelter during future thunderstorms.  One conversation I overheard that has made me smile many times since whenever I think about it was when Grace and Jack were describing what they saw in the clouds.  Grace and Jack suddenly became extremely excited (just as excited as if it was Christmas morning) because they could see Argentina and Italy in those storm clouds.    :)        


Anonymous said...

With such rich details, I feel as though I too am looking over their shoulders and listening to their questions and comments, their energy matching that in the atmosphere. They are so observant and connected to nature, and seeing the shape of countries in the clouds, wow! We learn so much from children!

What a precious sight to see Grace and Jack huddled together on the door step! Two peas in a pod. Such a loving bond.


Mom, said...

What a vivid piece of writing, Rebecca. I loved reading and re-reading this story over and over again. I also felt as if I were right there, too.

Thank you for sharing all the sweet details with us...the blanket, the clouds, the cows, the tent shelter, and Italy and Argentina!

Jack and Grace will never forget this experience. The three children are so incredible and astonishing I find myself thinking, smiling, and even laughing out loud about them all day long.

Again--love the story and the photo is perfect!
Love to all, Mom

ps---true story::
I ran into a teacher friend of mine a day ago and she told me to tell you that you should gather some of your posts together and submit them to a publisher. She was adamant about it. Now, that makes FIVE of my friends that keep telling me to pass this on to you, Rebecca! You are such an AMAZING Mama!! I LOVE You, My Dearest.

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