Friday, June 14, 2013

What's up, Buttercup?!

Here is Eve painting her buttercup picture!

Eve used a paint brush and her fingers to create her painting.

Once Eve was finished with her painting she decided to become a buttercup by painting her feet, legs, arms and hands!  

Our little buttercup!

 Eve's finished painting.

Today we wish Poppy and Uncle Adam a very Happy Birthday.  We love you both so very much.  Happy FLAG DAY too.  We are making flags this afternoon to celebrate!  :)


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Maddy to Eve!, said...

Eve, you are so sweet! I can never get enough of your daintiness. Those teeny-tiny hands and toes!! I LOVE your buttercup painting so very much. I know how organized and precise Evey is so it's quite fun to see her paint her body!! I can see her doing it with great thought and care, though!! Eve is something e-l-s-e!!

I Love You, Miss Buttercup!
Your Maddy

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