Monday, June 24, 2013


To celebrate the first day of summer on Friday I took Grace, Jack and Eve to one of our very favorite places - Pineland Farms.  We attended an ice cream making family program there in the morning.  After the event we enjoyed a picnic lunch together on the beautiful farm grounds.  It was such a great way to welcome summer!  After our picnic lunch, Grace and Jack went to play together in the farmyard family area.  Eve ventured off on her own.  She quietly walked over to the goats and stood watching them for quite a long time.  Eve eventually worked up enough courage to grab some grass and leaves to feed to her goat friends.  Here are a few sweet pictures of Eve and the goats...


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Miss Maddy!, said...

Oh My Gosh, I LOVE this!!

First of all, how it feels just like yesterday that I so well remember Gracie wearing that dress. Secondly, how sweet and impressive it is that Eve ventured off by herself to be with the goats. And finally, I just adore all of your posts about the Littles and animals and your time together -- learning, sharing, discovering, and most importantly ~ loving.

These are the days that the children will never ever forget and will write about on papers in high school and college and grad school! I just know it--wait and see!!

Love, Mom/Maddy

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