Friday, June 21, 2013

Attending the Maine State Ballet's Performance of Alice in Wonderland!

Oh goodness.  I am finally blogging about Mother's Day weekend now.  After this post, Grace's dance recital pictures and our vacation post I should just about be caught up!  

The day before Mother's Day I took Grace and Jack to see the Maine State Ballet's performance of Alice in Wonderland.  Bob surprised me with the tickets.  While we attended the performance Bob spent a fun afternoon with our sweet Eve.

The picture above shows Grace and Jack just before we left for the ballet.  They were VERY excited and so happy to be going together.  These two really are the best of friends!    

Here is Jack waiting in the lobby and studying his ticket.  This picture of Jack was taken just before we found our seats.

Here is Grace intently reading every word of the program before the ballet began!  :)

Our seats were located on the upper balcony.  Jack enjoyed looking down on the stage and audience members before the performance began.



Mom, said...

So happy to see that the busyness of May and early June are behind you, Rebecca. I hear Mothers say all the time that the end of the school year and all its concerts, recitals, plays, and activities make it more rushed than Christmas time!

Love these pictures of Jack and Grace! Love the hug and the hand holding and Jack's tie (!) and Grace's amazing reading --as sweet as can be! How wonderful that they are exposed to so many cultural events!

Thank you for sharing, Rebecca, and enjoy the Summertime and this weekend with your babies!

Your Loving Mom

Bob Leger said...

For the hardest working and best Mother in the universe!

Anonymous said...

You are SO correct, Bob, how and where did you ever find her?!!

Anonymous said...

I've been looking all around for a person just like Rebecca, Bob. You are lucky there aren't to many women out there like this. Most girls don't want to be at home with the kids just out working and then playing at night in bars. be good to her and the family cause you are one lucky man. I am wanting a family and a wife that is like yours man.

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?