Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I'm sorry for the lack of pictures recently.  We have been so busy!  I'll be back some time later this week with new posts and I will definitely be back to posting about our everyday activities starting next week.

Grace meets her kindergarten teacher tomorrow and she begins her first day of kindergarten on Thursday.  Grace couldn't be any more excited to begin this great new adventure!  I'll be sure to post pictures of her first day.

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Maddy, said...

It really is a very busy time of year especially when you have a child going to school. I will be thinking of Grace all day long today...sending her my very best love and thoughts as she begins a new path that will take her into a whole new place in her life. I can't wait to hear everything!

What are you going to do all day without Grace!? It will be a different feeling for awhile. Jack and Eve will miss their big sister! Just wait until 3:00 each afternoon there will be endless questions and sharings!

Love, Maddy

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