Monday, September 17, 2012

Dancer Jack!

Jack started his first dance class at the Maine State Ballet last week.  He has dance class every Wednesday morning.  Jack couldn't wait to get there and get dancing!  Jack has waited so patiently over the past few years to begin dance classes and I am so happy for him.

Jack is the only boy in the class.  His teacher is Miss Juliette, who was Grace's ballet teacher last season.  Jack was so happy to have Miss Juliette as his dance teacher now!

All of the girls practiced their curtsy at the end of class...then it was Jack's turn to bow.  I love how all of the girls stopped to watch Jack!!!

Here is our sweet Eve taking a peek to watch Jack at his first dance class...I know Eve will be out on that floor in a few years too!  Eve also loves to dance and she has the two best role models to look up to!


Maddy, said...

Jack is so so so so cute--I can hardly stand it!!
I am so proud that Jack is dancing. What a boy!

That photo of Jack's bow is captivatingly infectious!! Love it, love it, love everything about it...from the girls's looks, to Jack's posture, to his presence...perfect in every way!

Show us much more of Jack's dancing as time goes by.

Love, Maddy

ps--don't worry Little Eve your turn will come soon enough!

Poppy said...

Hello Jack:
I really like your style, young man. You have a natural movement. And, I think you nailed the bow.

Always follow your inner moonlight.

And Eve...she's next.

Love, Poppy

lori carolina said...

So sweet, love the one of them watching him bow!!!:)

Anonymous said...

Jack's dream come true, and he looks just like the dancer of his dreams - focused, poised, strong and controlled.

Jack, you are a handsome dancer. Your teacher must be so happy to have you in her class. She will see that you've been dancing with Grace for years and can do so much already. Then, she will teach you other poses and steps, and you will love dancing even more.
We are so happy for you, Jack.


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